“Antero Hein (b. 1990) Finnish/Swedish from Stockholm and now based in Oslo, Norway, where he studied at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Antero has been training parkour and freerunning since 2005 and researches in acrobatic movement that strengthens the body, in combination with these elements he emphasizes on a functional approach to dance that allows freedom of movement. Antero is a well known filmmaker and a photographer in the Norwegian dancescene. His shortdancefilm ”he&she” won ”International Gold Award” at ”International Perfoming arts & movie awards” in Indonesia, Jakarta. And his work has been shown at ”Loikka” (Helsinki), ”Multipliedansefestival” (Trondheim), ”Vin og Valsen” (Oslo), ”RED” (Eina/Toten), ”Dans/5” (Oslo), ”Dance Bridges” (Kolkata, India).

He has been performing with Ina Christel Johannesen, Kenneth Kvarnström, Hallgrim Hansegård, Stian Danielsen, Kari Hoaas, 4 1/2 Film, Curry Film, NRK, SVT etc.”

DEL denne siden